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  • Arroz con Chorizo (Español)

    Arroz con Chorizo (Español)

    Stage Tease Me,

  • Kale and Quinoa Salad

    Kale and Quinoa Salad

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  • Cream of Kabocha

    Cream of Kabocha

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  • Cinnamon Apple Balls

    Cinnamon Apple Balls

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Summer CSA, Milk and Monsanto

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Summer CSA, Milk and Monsanto

Little things cause lots of happiness

Some say that people hibernate winter time, but I must say for us it was one of our most active seasons yet. We ran in ice, snow and hiked our local parks and forrest almost every day. Living with a pack of Nordic huskies sure makes it even more fun in the winter.

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27. October, 2013 |

This dish hits the spot as a top notch comfort dish. Easy to make (a little time consuming) and worth the end result.
Next time I will...


08. September, 2013 |

Amazing! Made this twice so far and we're whipping up a batch to go with dinner tonight. Totally recommend!


09. August, 2013 |

Oatmeal is fine as long as it is not quick oats :)